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What is VFRnavigator?

VFRnavigator is a navigation software package designed primarily for General Aviation pilots. It includes a free route planning software component running on a PC, as well as a GPS component running on commodity handheld navigation units such as Wayteq.

Main features:
- Map and airspace database including vertical data, covering:

- Austria

- Croatia

- Czech Republic

- Hungary

- Slovakia

- Slovenia

- Airspace penetration warning)
- Airport database including frequencies if known
- Support for user waypoints
- Route planning
- List of airspaces affected by the route
- Calculated „radio altitude” display based on terrain database
- Track recording
- Automatic flight time measurement
- Checklists
- etc

The package contains three separate components:





Runs on

Windows PC

WayteQ GPS

(Windows CE 6.0)

See the FAQ for supported models

Windows PC

File name




Primary use

Route planning, airspace and terrain analysis, printing custom maps. Post-flight track visualization and analysis.

This is the component running on the GPS unit.

PC-based demo version of the GPS software. Used for practicing or testing without a GPS.

Screen sample

How can I obtain it?

Included in the downloadable zip file

Included in the downloadable zip file

Included in the downloadable zip file



Subject to license fee. Without the enabler code, fully functional but time-limited.


How to install

Unpack the zip file, no install needed

Unpack the zip file onto the SD card

Add the enabler code

Unpack the zip file, no install needed

Warning! Use this software at your own risk. By using the software, you agree to assume full responsibility for all damages or consequences.
See details at Terms of Use.


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