VFRnavigator Terms and Conditions

Copyright notice

VFRnavigator software (hereinafter: Software) is copyright protected. The software distribution package contains databases, such as airspace, navigation, map, elevation data etc, which are provided as-is and not covered by the VFRnavigator license.

User rights

The user is authorized to install the Software on computers and appropriate navigation devices.
Redistribution, modification, reverse-engineering of any component is not permitted.

Limitation of liability

The VFRnavigator package is provided as-is, without any warranties, express or implied, without the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Both the Software and the databases may contain significant errors and inaccuracies. The user assumes all risks and liabilities associated with or arising from using the Software. The user is responsible to ensure that failure, defect or malfunction of VFRnavigator has no effect on flight or personal safety, and that any activities, flight-related or otherwise, are carried out safely and in full conformance with all applicable regulations without relying on data or functionality provided by VFRnavigator.
By using the software, the user agrees to fully indemnify the Author from any claims, damages and liabilities arising from using VFRnavigator.